Genealogy Research | City of Stirling
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Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research

Stirling has an epic history. Let us research your Scottish family ancestory, where they came from in Scotland and see whether your family lineage dates back to Scotland’s ancient Capital.

Our genealogy research service is tailored to most people’s needs so whether its booking research hours or one of our genealogy packages, our fully qualified genealogists are happy to look into it for you.

If you have any queries please make contact via our contact form.

Once we have your order we will;

  • Once we have received your order our genealogist will contact you by email to clarify what you want from the research and what you already know about your ancestors.
  • As well as agreeing the scope of the research we will agree your budget based on one of our packages with the option to purchase additional research hours as necessary.
  • Our qualified genealogist will then carry out your research using, wherever possible, original records either held online or at local and national archives.

On completion of our research you will receive:

  • An ancestral research report covering the research you requested.  This will include transcripts of official documents and records and details of all searches conducted, whether positive or negative (to help your future research).
  • The report will be fully sourced so you can trace back to whether the information came from.
  • Appropriate ancestor or descendant charts will be produced if relevant to your research.
  • Your report can be emailed to you as a PDF or how about a beautifully bound ancestor report that makes a wonderful memento of your Scottish ancestry, available in our Ben Nevis package.

Find out more and to book our Genealogy Service